Cave Run and Gun Shoulder Rig

Cave Run and Gun Shoulder Rig

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Cave Run and Gun Shoulder Rig. Optional Z-shaped Offset Bracket.

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The Cave Shoulder Mount is highly comfortable, easy to assemble and compatible with a wide range of accessories. This mount's shoulder pads unique design facilitates long hour use and moves the equipment closer to the operator balance point, thus ensuring a better posture and amazing comfort. Due to the fact that mount's core body has no mechanical parts in its design, the operator can stay confident that it wont give away in the middle of important shoots.

In order to ensure better maneuverability and stability for this mount, a key factor taken into consideration by Cave engineers is the product's weight distribution.The Cave shoulder mount's perfect weight distribution ensures easy operation and quick transitions from shoulder mount to low camera mode. The mount's "two sections" design, enables swift and easy assembly of the core body and front section, thus making it both time saving and easy to mount.

The Cave shoulder mount has a matte black finish and is made of light-weight aluminum, besides the grips, shoulder pads and the steel counterweight . This product is compatible with a wide variety of accessories, from view finders to matte boxes and others. This product is also compatible with VCT Wedge Mount for VCT-U14 plate and 1/4" screw tripod plate. The mount kit includes a custom fit protective storage case.

An optional addition to this shoulder mount is the Cave Offset, which enables better positioning of the camera in the middle of the operator's field of view. The offset is well suited for a wide variety of cameras and can be mounted in a variety of angles, thus ensuring perfect camera positioning. This product is made of aluminum, provides a 100mm elevation and designed to work with 15mm rig systems.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 X Shoulder Mount Core Body
  • 1 X Double Hand Grip
  • 1 X Cave Offset (Optional)
  • 1 X Simple Clamp
  • 1 X Hand Clamp
  • 2 X 150 mm Rods
  • 3 X 250 mm Rods


  • Perfect weight distribution
  • Core body designed with non-mechanical parts
  • Compatible with a wide variety of accessories
  • Easy assembly thanks to the "Two sections" design
  • Light-weight Aluminum construction
  • Facilitates strain caused by long shooting days


Additional Information


Shoulder Mount Core Body: 100x400x210mm
Double HandGrip: 20x250x140mm
Rails: 15x150mm/15x250mm
Hand Clamp: 20x83x47mm
Simple Clamp: 20x83x30,5mm
Cross Clamp: 20x81x45mm
Single Clamp: 20x83x47mm
HandGrip: 33x130mm
Knobs: 10x15x27mm
Camera Plate: 110x57x5mm
Counterweight: 5x81x137mm
Total Weigth: 6.43 lbs (2,92kg)
Substitution Kit
Ring: 10
Hex Keys: 2x20x63mm/4x26x70mm
Screws: 3x16mm/3x28mm
Offset (Optional)
Weight : 0.59 lbs (2700 gr)
Dimensions: 191mm x 20mm x 108mm
Materials: Aluminum
Compatibility: Compatible with all 15mm rig systems

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Warranty CameraKings 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty