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Flycam C5 - Carbon Fibre Stabiliser with Arm Brace

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The Flycam C5 - Carbon Fibre Stabiliser with Arm Brace has been designed to be used with the latest DSLR’s and camcorders and is a lightweight steadycam which does not require any body support system to function. A wrist arm brace support is included for advanced control, as well as a quality universal mount quick release base plate. An adjustable telescopic post with a locking screw to suit your filming requirements. 

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Flycam C5 - Carbon Fibre Stabiliser with Arm Brace is a professional handheld steadycam, which works to provide stability during movement, for dynamic and subjective camera shots.
The highly durable, carbon fibre constructed telescopic sled extends from 51cm to a full rise height of 76cm, and is very light in weight. The camera base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots to accommodate a variety of camera bases. Adjustments can be made using both the horizontal and vertical axis.
Balancing the camera is done by using the counter-weights included with the steadycam. Add or remove weights according to your camera's requirements. The X&Y balancing adjustment moves back and front, and side to side, for easy horizontal camera balance. By varying the counterweight disks on the base platform, you adjust the camera's vertical balance. When balanced properly the camera almost floats, ready for you to move into action.
It has a zip lock feature that allows faster assembly compared to other handheld steadycams. The Micro head comes with gear and screw technology for adjusting X and Y-axis for quick and precise balancing. The handle of C5 Flycam is very smooth and easy to grip, with a soft foam covering.
Designed to distribute the weight of the system over the entire forearm of the operator. This wrist arm brace not only provides cushioned comfort while shooting, but also eliminates torque-causing stress on the operator's wrist.
The Flycam C5 carbon fibre stabiliser will be shipped to you in a custom designed foam lined storage/transportation carry bag. Equipped with carrying handles and a sling strap, which allows for convenient transport.
  • Designed for the latest DSLR’s and camcorders 
  • This light weight steadycam can be used without any body support system 
  • Wrist arm brace support for advanced control 
  • Quality universal mount quick release base plate
  • Adjustable telescopic post with locking knob 
  • Compact portable design 


Additional Information

  • Carbon fibre telescopic pole
  • Telescopic Post extends from 53cm to a full rise height of 76cm
  • Accepts cameras up to 6kg/13.2lbs
  • Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes
  • Soft foam grip Steadycam handle
  • Cushioned comfort wrist Arm brace
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