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Hoya 46mm UV (C) Digital HMC Filter

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Hoya 46mm UV (C) Digital HMC Filter is a multi-purpose fine-weather filter that absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct. Suitable for colour, as well as black and white film and digital photography, this clear UV filter can be left on the lens to serve as a permanent lens protector. 

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Hoya 46mm UV (C) Digital HMC Filter

The HOYA UV (C) filter uses the highest quality heat-resistant tempered glass, which creates a smooth, clear image. This filter cuts out all the range of UV rays to give an astounding sharpness and clarity without affecting the colour balance. Constant use for lens protection is recommended. These popular filters are renowned for their ability to minimise reflection on filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting. With an average light transmission of over 97%, the HOYA HMC filters are engineered to enhance the performance of today's multi-coated lenses.

Hoya are the largest world-wide producer of optical glass, in fact around 60% of the entire world-wide demand and supply is met by Hoya. It is important to select the best filters for your needs, as choosing inferior brands can deteriorate the performance of your high quality lenses. Hoya filters guarantee you the highest standards so you can create the best images.


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Hoya 46mm UV (C) Digital HMC Filter

  • Slim filter frame to help avoid vignetting on wide angle lenses, will also hold a lens cap.
  • HMC (HOYA MULTI COATED) to increase light-transmission and reduce flare or ghosting.
  • Available in sizes from 37mm to 86mm diameter
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Box Contents: UV HMC filter, protective case
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Country of Origin: Philippines
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