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Hoya 77mm UV and IR Cut Filter

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The Hoya 77mm UV & IR Cut filter blocks both UV rays and IR rays yielding clearer and sharper pictures outdoors. This filter can reduce the effects of atmospheric haze to an even greater degree than a standard UV filter. The Hoya UV & IR light transmission curve shows the sharp-cut nature of the filter glass and coatings as well as the consistent light transmission in the visible spectrum. This curve demonstrates a more even light transmission than the closest competitor. This means that sharper images with more depth and finer, richer colour gradations are possible with the Hoya UV & IR Cut filter.

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The Hoya 77mm UV and IR Cut Filter is a lens filter that, when attached to your lens, permits only the visible spectrum of light rays to enter the camera and get captured by the sensor. It blocks out both the higher frequency ultraviolet rays, and lower frequency infrared light rays. This is important to digital photographers because the CCD and CMOS sensors found in our cameras are extremely susceptible to catching UV and IR rays just outside the visible spectrum that have a very negative impact on image quality.

The filter offers even greater versatility than is already found in a combination UV-IR filter due to its front and rear threads. They permit stackable standard-size filters to be attached, giving you even more filter effect options, while also accommodating a standard lens cap as well.

Another benefit to using the UV-IR filter is that it can also reduce the effects of atmospheric haze to a greater degree than would be found with a standard UV filter. This means that sharper images with more depth and finer, richer colour gradations are possible when utilising the filter's effects in your photography. This combination filter is a very convenient option for those who seek a clearer and sharper image when captured outdoors, while getting the benefits of two filters in one.

More so than a traditional UV filter, this combination filter cuts through atmospheric haze to a greater degree than you would otherwise find

When using colour CCD or CMOS camera sensors, which are extremely susceptible to UV and IR rays, this combination filter can produce greater accuracy of colour in digital images than is found with traditional IR filters

Cut to transmit only those light rays that fall within the visible spectrum of light, this UV-IR filter blocks both ultraviolet rays found below 390 nm, as well as infrared rays above 700 nm

Low-profile, rigid aluminium filter ring provides support and is compatible with stackable standard filters for a greater combination of effects


Additional Information

Type Ultraviolet and infrared cut filter
Size 77mm
Rotating No
Effect Blocks both UV rays and IR rays, leaving only the visible spectrum
Construction Aluminum filter ring, glass substrate
Front Filter Thread Size 77mm
Front Lens Cap Size 77mm
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.18 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.8"
Intro 2020 ID No
Warranty CameraKings 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty