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Hoya 82mm REVO SMC PL-CIRC Filter

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Hoya 82mm REVO CIR-PL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass by rotating the filter frame. They also enable colours to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast. Hoya’s SMC (Super MultiCoating) is applied to both front and rear glass surfaces to increase light transmission and prevent reflections. The coating is further protected with a clear water and stain resistant surface to allow easy care and handling of REVO filters in the field. All Hoya REVO filters have Super-Slim aluminium filter frames to avoid vignetting and make them compatible with super or ultra-wide-angle lenses.

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The Hoya 82mm Super Pro1 D Revo SMC CIR-PL Filter is made in Japan, using precision optical glass and features an improved Super Multi-Coating (IS-HMC) formula. On top of this is a clear water & stain resistant coating to help you keep it clean. The filter has a low-profile aluminium filter frame, so that it is compatible with a wide array of super and ultra wide-angle lenses.

The filter looks noticeably dark when mounted to a lens, matching the black bodies of most cameras. It also provides protection for the front lens element, and has a thin profile that is barely thicker than a standard UV filter.

Attaching the filter to the lens is straight-forward and is simply a case of screwing onto the lens thread - the edge closest to the camera is grooved so that attaching and removing the filter is easy. In use the front ring turns easily, and you are able to see the effects produced by the filter immediately on the screen or through the viewfinder. When the filter is turned to the desired position, it stays in place so that you can adjust exposure if using manual settings, alternatively using the cameras auto-exposure the camera will compensate for the change in exposure.


Additional Information

  • Removes reflections from water and glass. Enables saturated colours & better contrast
  • Super Multi-Coated to increase light-transmission and combat flare or ghosting
  • Super-Slim aluminium frame - avoids vignetting on super and ultra wide-angle lenses
  • Available in sizes from 37mm to 82mm diameter
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Box Contents: REVO PL-CIR filter, protective case
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Country of Origin: Japan
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