iKan Full Interview Kit (PRE-ORDER)

iKan Full Interview Kit

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CameraKings are proud to present iKan's Full Interview Kit, a portable, easy to use, and energy efficient three light kit.

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iKan's Full Interview Kit is a top quality bi-color LED light set that is easily portable. The kit includes two iKan iLed 312-v2 lights and one IB508-v2 light and is designed to provide reliable, energy efficient, and consistent performance.

The iLed312-v2 is an energy efficient bi-color LED light. These easy to set up compact lights feature color temperature adjustment of between 3200K-5600K, 0-100% dimmer, horizontal and vertical interlock, foldable barn doors, and a removable gel clip.

The IB508-v2 is an ultra-lightweight bi-color LED studio light. The IB508-v2 features an integrated battery life indicator, a diffuser, 2 Sony "L" type batteries with a charger, and a ball head mount.

Besides the lights, The Full Interview Kit includes three light stands, three stand adapters, three power supplies, three dual battery chargers, six Sony "L" type batteries, and a Trekker bag for light kits.

Kit Includes

  • 1 X IB508-v2
  • 2 X ILED312-v2
  • 3 X Dual Battery Chargers
  • 3 X Light Stands
  • 3 X Power Supply
  • 3 X Stand Adaptors
  • 6 X Sony Batteries
  • 1 X Trekker Bag for Light Kit


  • 5600K-3200K Bi-Color Lights
  • Lightweight products
  • Energy Efficient
  • Stands Included
  • Includes Batteries and Chargers


Additional Information

  • Rating: 120V@ 60Hrz
  • Light Source: 254 0.06 watt LED at 5600K 254 0.06 watt LED at 3200K and 156 0.06watt LEDs 5600K/156 0.06 watt LED's 3200K
  • Power Supply: 12v @ 2amps and 12v @ 3.33amps
  • Dimming:  0-100%
  • Lens: 60 degree
  • Focusing: No
  • Beam Angle: 60o
  • Cooling System: Passive Cooling
  • Shipping Weight: 32lbs (14.51kg)
  • Fixture Weight: 1.5 and 3 lbs (0.7 and 1.4Kgs)
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