Konova Basic Motorised System for K-Series Sliders

Konova Basic Motorised System for K-Series Sliders

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Konova’s Basic Motorised System (MSB-50) has been developed for user-operated and automated live motion control.

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The MSB-50 can be used on any K-Series (K3, K5 or K7) slider. Once the motor mounting plate has been fitted to the slider carriage using the included hex screws, the consequential setup time takes less than 60 seconds. Only two components need to be fixed to the slider – the belt and the motor. The belt clamps to either end of the slider using the existing mounting hardware on the slider and the motor itself screws to the slider carriage using a single hand-tightened knob.

 Once the motor and belt are fitted to the slider, a single combo cable connects the motor to the controller leaving only the AC adaptor to be connected also to the controller to power the system.

Despite being called the ‘Basic’ controller, the system offers some advanced functions. As you would expect, it is possible to control the slider using the remote control ‘as live’, by setting a speed from 0-100 using the rotary dial and then operating the joystick to define the moving direction. It is also possible to adjust the speed of the motor during a movement, simply by rotating the speed dial as the carriage is in motion. This can be used to create ramped motions at the beginning and end of the movement.

In terms of automatic functions, it is possible to loop a movement, with applications as an unmanned second camera, such as for an interview. Simply enter the ‘3-axis’ mode, set the motor speed then press and hold the initial direction button. Once enabled, every time the carriage reaches the end of the slider, the limit switch will activate and will send the carriage in the opposite direction.

Similarly, the automatic function can be also used to capture multiple passes of the same shot. This can be used for low-budget visual effects shots.

Overall, the Konova MSB-50 provides a pocket-friendly solution for repeatable and user-operated motion control.


  • Fits on any K-Series (K3, K5 & K7) slider
  • Live motion controller offering automatic/repeatable functions
  • With motor plate installed, setup takes just 60 seconds
  • Physical limit switches built-in to avoid motor damage
  • Belt is roller-bearing fed to the gear for snag-free motion
  • 1/4-20 threads on motor and motor mounting plate to attach accessories

Kit Includes

  • 1 X Basic Motion Controller
  • 1 X 50:1 Geared Motor
  • 1 X Motor Mounting Plate
  • 4 X Attachment Screws for Mounting Plate
  • 1 X Motor/Limit Switch Combo Cable
  • 1 X Belt Assembled with Clamps
  • 1 X AC Adaptor with UK IEC Cable


Additional Information



Power Requirement


Motor Weight

1.14 lbs (520g)

Motor Dimensions

11.9 cm x 4.5 cm x 5.5 cm

Horizontal Max Speed (seconds/meter)

11 seconds/meter

Vertical Ascending Max Speed (seconds/meter)

25 seconds/meter

Vertical Descending Max Speed (seconds/meter)

11 seconds/meter


Tests conducted using AC adaptor and without camera weight. Different setups may produce varying results.


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