Konova K3-120 Camera Slider  Kit

Konova K3-120 Camera Slider Kit (120cm)

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The Konova K3-120 Camera Slider (120cm) combines lightweight yet durable aluminium with steel rods for smooth traction leading to stable, high-quality shots.

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The Konova K3-120 is a high-end camera slider that provides superior stability and smooth motion. Roller bearings provide smooth and noise-free sliding movement regardless of slider angle. The slider's double row angular bearings ensure stability and preciseness. Thanks to its special design, this slider can be used in a variety of angles- Vertically, using a ball/fluid head, thus imitating crane motion, Diagonally- using a modular ball head or a 3/8"-5/8" adapter, and Horizontally.

A special feature exclusive for this slider is the ability to adjust slider friction, using the provided hex wrench or via the resistance adjustment red knob. The hex wrench adjustment is the most precise method of friction adjustment. Connection threads (1/4" and 3/8") are located at the bottom of the slider, in order to enable mounting it on tripods. Two oil seals are included for cleaning dust and ensuring rail protection. The oil seals can also be applied to achieve an even smoother operation. The tripod's advanced feet are light weight, stable and can each be adjusted in 16 different angles.

An optional product for this slider system is the easy to mount Konova Crank Handle Kit, that enables a more accurate adjustment of the sliding unit. The slider system includes a comfortable carrying case and a complimentary cleaning cloth.

Kit Includes

  • 1 X Konova K3-120 Slider (120cm)
  • 2 X Advanced Feet
  • 2 X Advanced Feet Pouch
  • 1 X Carrying Case
  • 2 X Oil Seals
  • 1 X Tool Kit
  • 1 X Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 X Konova Crank Handle Kit (Optional)


  • Supports equipment weighing up to 44 lbs (20 kg)
  • Friction adjustment knob
  • Multiple slider angles
  • 1/4" and 3/8" threads integrated to slider's base for tripod compatibility
  • Oil seals included
  • Soft Carrying case
  • Optional Crank Handle kit


Additional Information


Max Load: 44.09 lbs (20.0 kg)
Bearings: 4
Bearing Size: 1.7 cm
Shaft Size: 0.6 cm
Chrome Plated Shaft: No
Dimensions (WxDxH):
K3-80: 4.6 cm x 80 cm cm x 1.9 cm
K3-100: 4.6 cm x 100 cm cm x 1.9 cm
K3-120: 4.6 cm x 120 cm cm x 1.9 cm
K3-80: 5.46 lbs (2.48 kg)
K3-100: 6.08 lbs (2.76 kg)
K3-120: 7.18 lbs (3.26 kg)
K3-150: 8.55 lbs (3.88 kg)

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