Proaim Swift Dolly with 36ft Flexi Track and a 75mm Tripod Stand

Proaim Swift Dolly with 36ft Flexi Track and a 75mm Tripod Stand

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Proaim Swift Dolly with 36ft Flexi Track and a 75mm Tripod Stand

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The Proaim Swift Dolly is an all-new extensive production tool designed with precision to allow the perfect dolly/tracking shot for the extra production value.

It has a unique design in the field of camera dollies. It enables the film maker to produce high quality videos on various locations and settings.

It's a useful piece of equipment for independent, commercial, wedding and professional video makers.

The Swift Dolly, is a swift and smooth running dolly. It's a lightweight and professional track dolly. The swift dolly can also be used with either straight or curved tracks.

Kit includes:

  • Proaim Swift Wheel Dolly
  • 36-feet Flexi Track
  • Dolly Rods
  • Fluid Head and 75mm Bowl Tripod Stand
  • Spreader


Swift Dolly:

  • Quality designed and engineered
  • Three easy glide wheel sets
  • Dolly rods - 4 square sections
  • Tripod stand for 75mm fluid head
  • Bonus fluid head and spreader

Fluid Head:

  • The unique Proaim fluid head is the only video head in the market place that has a third axis of movement.
  • It allows for vertical orientation to portrait aspect ratio on DSLR's without having to re-mount the camera.

Flexi Track:

  • The Track is 36 feet (11 meters) long made of Neoprene and are very smooth
  • The Swift Dolly H20 with Flexi Track creates a very perfect videos and completes the moving shots without any intricacy.
  • The diameter of the track is 1-inch and its total weight is 14.6kg.
  • You may also run other camera dolly on these tracks, if the wheels match with the track.
  • This is a single, 36-foot roll of Flex Track (since it must be doubled, one roll will give you approximately 16 feet of doubled track).

Tripod Stand:

  • 2-Stage risers with quick action adjusters for easy height adjustment
  • Adjustable spreader with single action fold up
  • 75mm bowl
  • Leg lock with performance grip adjusters
  • Easy carry bag for transport and storage

Storage Case:

Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles


Additional Information


Swift Dolly:

  • Camera Mounting Screw: U1/4
  • Tripod Mounting Screw: U1/4, U3/8
  • Height: 105mm
  • Weight: 620g
  • Load Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • Rod Diameter: 1.5 / 1 inch rectangular construction
  • 2 - 32 inches Square Rods
  • 1 - 27 inches Square Rods
  • Central Supportive Rod: 14 inches

75mm Tripod Stand:

  • Extended Height: 59 inches
  • Minimum Height: 27 inches
  • Load Capacity: 50 lbs. 
  • Weight: 5 lbs. 
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