Samyang 100mm T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO |

Samyang 100mm T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO

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The Samyang 100mm T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO is a macro, telephoto, manual-focus cine lens designed for full frame sensor sizes. The maximum close-up magnification is 1:1. This macro lens with vivid color and soft out-focusing is the ideal lens for close-up images, but it can also be used as a 100mm telephoto lens for landscapes and portraits. A focus gear ring is installed for follow focus systema and the aperture adjusts quietly and smoothly with the de-coupled aperture gear ring. Distance scale and T numbers are marked on both sides of the lens for convenience.The fast T3.1 maximum aperture allows precise control when shooting under all exposure conditions.

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The Samyang 100mm T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO Cine Lens is the cine / video version of the Samyang 100mm F2.8 ED UMC MACRO lens featuring the same excellent optics, but with integrated gearing for video rigs with follow focus systems. Full frame compatible, suitable for cameras and interchangeable lens camcorders fitted with 24x36mm (full frame) or smaller sensors. This is also part of the VDSLR II cine lens line up featuring reproduction the same image colour and same placement / location of aperture and focus gear ring to maximize the convenience when filming. Samyang 100mm T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO allows more controlled video work with T number marks and focus gear ring installed for follow focus system allowing quiet and smooth control of the uncoupled aperture and smooth focus. Also, distance scale and T numbers are marked on both sides of the lens for convenience. 

1:1 reproduction ratio for stunning close up and macro and creative photography. Featuring vivid colour reproduction and soft out of focus highlights (bokeh) is an ideal lens for close-up images of flower and insects, or capturing head and shoulder portraits, or general medium distance work.

This lens features 15 lens elements in 12 groups including a high refractive lens (HR) and extra low dispersion lens (ED) to minimize colour aberration and other artefacts in order to achieve maximum resolution and image quality throughout the image. Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) of Samyang Optics is used to optimize the light penetration and minimizes flare and ghost. Features close focusing down to 0.307m. 

The 9 aperture blades offer beautiful natural bokeh even when stopped down. The frame of the lens is compact and solid and constructed from high-strength aluminium alloy. The Samyang 100 Macro VDSLR lens features a removable / detachable lens hood to minimises flare and ghosting.

Mounts include Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E mount, Fujifilm X, and Micro Four Thirds (MFT)


Additional Information

  • Macro telephoto manual-focus Cine lens
  • Bright T3.1 maximum aperture
  • 1:1 maximum close-up magnification at 30.7cm min.focus
  • Optical construction: 15 elements in 12 groups
  • High refractive (HR) and extra low dispersion optics (ED)
  • Focus gear ring and De-Coupled aperture gear ring
  • Uses Samyang's Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) optical technology
  • Circular aperture with 9 blades
  • Filter diameter: 67mm
  • Dimensions: 81.6mm dia x 120.6mm
Additional Information
Box Contents: Lens and Petal-Shaped Lens Hood
Guarantee Period: 3 Years
Net Weight: 710g
Country of Origin: Korea
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