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Secced Reach Plus 3 (CF) Tripod Kit with Pan Bar and Spreader - Carbon Fibre

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Secced Reach Plus 3 (CF) Tripod Kit with 45 lb Load Capacity. Kit includes Carbon Fibre Tripod, Fluid Head, Pan Bar, and Spreader

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Secced Reach Plus 3 (CF) Tripod Kit consists of a 2 stage carbon fibre tripod (SC-ENG/CF100D), Fluid Head (SC-V15/100RP) and a Pan Bar (SC-PB15). The system has a maximum payload of 20.8kg (45.9 lb) and supports cameras in ENG configuration. The fluid head mounts on the tripod via the 100mm integrated ball. The carbon fibre two-stage tripod features speed locking system to allow rapid setup and comes with a choice of a ground level spreader or mid-level spreader. Its legs can be adjusted to heights up to 172cm (67.7in) and offers excellent torsion rigidity to allow for smooth camera movements. 

Kit Includes:


Tripod: SC-ENG/CF100D

  • 2-stage construction with 100mm bowl
  • Lightweight, stable, reliable structure
  • Outstanding torsion rigidity
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Wide range of height adjustment
  • Most frequently used clamps and knobs are easily handled with gloves
  • User adjustable brake force of the leg-lock
  • Compact transport size

Head: SC-V15/100RP

  • It has a 0-20.8 kg payload, providing support for various ENG configuration camera on the market.
  • Improved drag system enhances smoothness of head movement, matching the quality of most famous brand. In addition, graded drag adjustment ensure fast change of tilt and pan drag.
  • Step-type counterbalance system helps operator to balance the camera in a minute without changing over and over to look for the right amount of counterbalance.
  • Quick release mechanism ensures operator to quickly mount or dismount the camera on the head.
  • All main parts are made with high quality CNC machine. It enhances parts machining precision, ensures high reliability and improves fluid head performance substantially.
  • 100mm ball head, compatible with most 100mm tripod on the market.


Additional Information


Reach Plus 3 Kit:


  • Weight: 19.8 lbs (8.96kg)
  • Max Paylaod: 45 lbs (20.8kg)
  • Height Range: 75-172mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 100mm
  • Transport Length: 90cm




  • Weight: 8 lbs (3.8 kg)
  • Counterbalance: 0-7 steps
  • Sliding range-plate: 70mm
  • Grades of tilt drag: 0-7
  • Grades of pan drag: 0-7
  • Tilt range: -75°/+90°
  • Tripod fitting: 100mm



C.O.G (mm) Min Payload lbs (kg) Max Payload lbs (kg)
75 0.00 45 (20.87)
100 0.00 38 (17.22)
125 0.00 34 (15.40)
150 0.00 30 (13.62)




  • Weight (With Ground Spreader): 11 lbs (5kg)
  • Max. Payload: 77 lbs (35kg)
  • Height Range (With Ground Spreader): 48-155cm
  • Height Range (With Off Ground Spreader): 55-151cm
  • Bowl Size: 100mm
  • Carrying Length: 75cm
  • Extension: Double
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
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