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SHAPE Gimbal Handheld Rig Small Body Camera

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The SHAPE Gimbal Handheld Rig for Small Body Cameras is easy to install and balance. A two-axis stabilisation – tilt and roll axis, whith an ergonomically placed joystick – control tilt axis whilst shooting. Low mode operation using SHAPE’s push-button system to adjust angle of handle. Powered by two, user replaceable, LP-E6 rechargeable batteries. A rubber textured handle for comfortable grip and Multiple 1/4-20 threads for rigging or mounting a smartphone for monitoring.

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The SHAPE Gimbal Handheld Rig for Small Body Cameras is a handheld motorised gimbal designed for use with small-bodied cameras, such as a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Sony A7SII or Panasonic GH4. The ISEE+ helps produce horizontally oriented, smooth and stable video footage. Bundled together in the ISEE+RIG is the ISEEKIT. Combining the gimbal with the ISEEKIT provides a more ergonomic solution to handheld operation. It offers a pair of handles, allowing for two-handed operation, with the base of the ISEE+ resting against the operators’ chest. For further comfort, users can purchase the ISEEPAD, which rests against the chest in place of the ISEE+ itself.

The camera is mounted and balanced on a two-axis gimbal and is stabilised on the tilt and roll axis using brushless motors that are automatically controlled by sensors. Every unit ships with pre-calibrated motors, so there is no need for users to recalibrate or download calibration software. Simply balance the camera, turn on the unit and begin shooting.

Using the ergonomically placed joystick, it is possible to control the tilt axis during a shot, giving users ultimate control. Different shooting positions can be achieved due to the ability to vary the distance between the handle and the gimbal itself. This is altered using Shape’s push-button system. By depressing the large red knob, the angle of the gimbal in relation to the handle can be adjusted in seconds. This flexibility allows users to explore various shooting angles, such as low-angles.

In multiple positions, including on the side of the grip and on the base of the unit, there are 1/4-20 threads. These can be used to either mount a smartphone for monitoring use or for rigging the gimbal to other equipment. It could be attached to a car suction mount or even a monopod for capturing high-angle shots.

The ISEE+ is powered by two internally housed Canon LP-E6 batteries, both of which are included in the kit. It has a maximum weight capacity of around 2 lbs / 0.9 kg.


Additional Information


Maximum Capacity

0.9 kg


Height: 29cm

Length: 11cm

Width: 13cm

Tilt Range

+/- 45°

Roll Range

+/- 350°

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