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Equatorial Tripod & Mount for Telescopes | EN-EX1. Encalife has partnered with Maxvision to bring the astronomical tripod mount EN-EX1 to the market, providing astronomy lovers with the perfect piece of equipment designed to enhance your view while using your favorite telescope. Extend your view even further with this adjustable tripod after placing it in a secure spot on a flat surface. Enjoy hands-free viewing of the stars in the sky, the moon as it shines brightly overhead, and everything else around you. The tripod makes taking astronomical observations a fun and relaxing experience for all.. MADE WITH STRONG, HIGH-QUALITY STEEL MATERIAL – The Equatorial Mount Tripod consists of a strong, durable material designed to last despite constant use. You can travel with the tripod and use it regularly for Astro predictions and other space-related activities.. MAKES HANDS-FREE VIEWING SIMPLE – If you want to enjoy the incredible sights around you without constantly holding your telescope in your hands, you can use this convenient tripod for hands-free viewing. Free up space in your hands to quickly and easily jot down your observations.. COMPATIBLE WITH ASSORTED TELESCOPES – The manual tripod is compatible with various telescopes in different sizes, making it the perfect choice for anyone using a telescope to enjoy zoomed-in, enhanced images of the distant view in front of them.. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE – Quickly and conveniently zoom in on what you’re looking at while adjusting the height of your tripod to get closer to what you’ve aimed your telescope at, such as the stars in the sky or animals that you can see from a distance. The adjustable height also makes it easy for everyone in the household to enjoy the telescopic view, regardless of how tall or short they might be.. LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO TAKE WHEN TRAVELING – The bearing weight of this tripod is 18kg, making it lightweight and compact enough to take with you on the go. Take your tripod while you travel to enjoy observations from different cities, states, and countries. You can take it apart easily before putting it back together when you’re ready to set it up and use it with your favorite telescope.. Product Features & Specifications. 700 mm tripod zoom height. 180 mm stand extension height. 5 kg bearing weight. 5 kg standard counterweight. ST2 steel material