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Camera for Beginners | Built-In Image Stabilization Technology. Camera For High-Resolution And Seamless Recording. Elevate your vlogging game with the camera for beginners. With its 48MP resolution and 4K Ultra HD capability, you can capture every detail in stunning clarity. The camera’s advanced auto-focus technology ensures sharp and precise focus, even in fast-paced situations. With 60 frames per second (FPS), your videos will be smooth and professional-looking. The 16X zoom feature allows you to get up close to the action without sacrificing image quality.. Built-In Image Stabilization. Experience seamless performance and stability with the camera for beginners. The camera’s built-in image stabilization technology reduces shake and blur, ensuring steady footage even while walking or running. The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it easy to navigate through settings and modes, giving you full creative control over your videos. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to vlog for extended periods without fatigue. The camera for beginners offers simplicity and versatility to enhance your content creation.. Variety Of Shooting Modes. Unlock your creativity with the camera for beginners. Choose from shooting in portrait, landscape, night mode, and more to capture the perfect shot. The camera has a manual control option to fine-tune settings like exposure, white balance, and shutter speed, giving you full control over your photography and videography. Featuring a built-in microphone and external microphone input, the camera for beginners ensures high-quality audio to complement your visuals and deliver a professional vlogging experience.. Effortless Connectivity. Stay connected and share your content effortlessly – the camera for beginners supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Use it to transfer files wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet for quick editing and sharing to your social media platforms. Supporting HDMI output, the camera for beginners connects directly to your TV or monitor for a larger viewing experience. Store a large number of photos and videos without worrying about running out of space with its expandable storage options. Preserve your memories and relive your adventures in stunning detail.. Travel-Friendly Size. The camera for beginners is compact and lightweight, so you can capture memories wherever you are, whether you’re exploring new destinations or attending events. The camera’s long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures you won’t miss any precious moments. It comes with a camera bag for convenient storage and protection. Document your experiences with ease and share your unique perspective with the world with the portable camera for beginners at your side.. ​​Crystal Clear Display. Featuring a high-resolution, crystal-clear display to frame your shots with precision, the camera for beginners provides an immersive viewing experience. Easily review your footage or images on the camera, eliminating the need for additional devices, so you can relive your captured moments in all their glory.. What’s In The Box?. 1 x camera for beginners. 1 x user manual. Technical Specifications. Image resolution: 4K. Memory card Type: SD-Card. Pixels: 48MP. Zoom: 16X