Kern ORA 1SA Analogue Refractometer Salinity 0-100



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Kern ORA Series Analogue Refractometers – Kern ORA 1SA, The Kern ORA 1SA refractometer measures the concentration of salt solutions by measuring their refractive index. It enables you to determine the salt content in foodstuffs. This is often used in the production and cooking of sauces, brines for pastries, the production of brines (e.g. brine-matured cheese), marinades for meat and the preparation of seafood.The Kern ORA 1SA is a universal, maintenance-free analogue manual refractometer. Its practical and robust design means that it can be used simply, efficiently and repeatedly in a production environment. Conversion of the displayed refractive index value is avoided by the built-in calibrated scale, eliminating user calculation error. The scales have been specially developed, precisely calculated and have very thin, clear graduation lines. The refractometer is fitted with an eyepiece that is adjustable to match the individuals’ eyesight.The ORA 1SA has automatic temperature compensation, which makes it possible to obtain precise measurements regardless of ambient temperature. Kern ORA 1SA Analogue Refractometer Salinity 0-100

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