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Refractor Telescope | Beginner-Friendly Telescope for Stargazing and Deep Sky Observation | ENTE501P. Encalife has partnered with SVBONY to provide a durable yet lightweight, beginner-friendly refractor telescope ENTE501P perfect for stargazing, moon observations, and more. Experience some of the most stunning views from an extended distance using this telescope. Its fully multi-coated lens provides clear, crisp images in full detail and color. With a focal length of up to 400MM, you can get the closest glimpse of the stars in the sky while observing every inch of the moon. Equipped with an optic viewfinder to help you easily observe different objects, a focusing eyepiece adapter, and a convenient carrying bag, this product comes with everything you want and need.. FINDER SCOPE HELPS YOU ZOOM IN ON DESIRED OBJECTS – Whether you’re trying to get a closer look at the moon or find out what kind of animal is in your backyard, the 5x24MM finder scope makes it easy to locate and zoom in on the objects in front of you. As a result, you can see what you want without wasting time!. CONVENIENT ADJUSTABLE INTERFACE – Rotate the interface of this telescope to your liking, with options of a 360-degree horizontal angle or 120-degree vertical angle to provide the best, most in-depth view of your surroundings.. FMC LENS & BAK4 OFFERS AN OUTSTANDING VIEW – Experience a clear, blur-free view from afar because of the high-quality, fully multi-coated lens attached to this telescope. It’s never been easier to see the moon, bright stars in the sky, tall trees, flowers, animals, and so much more, regardless of the distance.. ELIMINATES STRAY LIGHT TO HELP YOU SEE MORE WITH FEWER DISTRACTIONS – Never worry about stray light obstructing your view and making it difficult to see different objects. The portable refractor telescope blocks out any unexpected light, including bursts of sunshine from your peripheral.. INCREDIBLE FOCAL LENGTH ALLOWS YOU TO ZOOM IN EVEN FURTHER – Get the closest look possible using this telescope with its focal length of 400MM. Although small, lightweight, and portable, you can enjoy the most expansive view while gazing through the lens of this telescope.. Product Features & Specifications. Provides Solar and Lunar View. Equipped with Aluminum Alloy Tripod. Expansive 400MM Focal Length. Multi-Coated Optical for Better Quality. Brass Compression Ring. 25” KM Eyepiece. 5x24MM Finder Scope