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Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver

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The Teradek Bolt Pro 300 can transmit and receive 4:2:2 & 1080p50 wireless video with HDMI inputs. It has an improved chassis design that runs cooler and maintains internal antennas, which cannot be augmented. The Teradek Bolt Pro 300 transmits uncompressed video using WSDI Pro™ (5GHz) and has a wireless range of up to 300ft. It coexists with other wireless equipment by dynamically adjusting frequency bands. The intergrated Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) avoids interferences and the Bolt Pro 300 also passes metadata and fan control over the wireless HDMI link.

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Teradek BOLT Pro 300 Set - HDMI RX  BOLT Pro 300 Wireless HDMI Transmitter / Receiver Set - TER-BOLT-933


  • Send 4:2:2, 1080p50 wireless video
  • HDMI inputs
  • Improved chassis design that runs cooler
  • Maintains internal antennas, which cannot be augmented
  • Transmits uncompressed video using WSDI Pro™ (5GHz)
  • Wireless range of up to 300ft
  • Coexist with other wireless equipment by dynamically adjusting frequency bands
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) avoids interference
  • Passes metadata and fan control over the wireless HDMI link


Additional Information


Teradek 300 Bolt Pro HDMI Transmitter & Receiver x2

Key Features


Firmware v1.1.0


  • You will NOT be able to downgrade Bolt Pro 300, 600, or 2000 firmware after performing this update. Please read the release notes carefully before proceeding.
  • Units will need to be re-paired after upgrading, See for instructions.
  • Updates below apply to second generation Bolt Pro 300, 600, and 2000 only. First generation Bolt firmware is unchanged.

New Features

  • Implemented 10-bit color on HDMI output when no format conversion is performed. This eliminates color banding
  • Added support for Arri/Canon/Sony recording flags
  • Added support for drop frame time code
  • Added support for record run time code
  • Added indication if camera is recording to RX time code status display

Changes and Improvements

  • Removed Transmission mode setting from Bolt Pro 2000. Unicast and Broadcast have now been combined into a single multicast mode
    • One TX can transmit to up to 4 RX units
    • DFS channels can be used
    • There are no power up/down dependencies between TX and RX (behavior of old Unicast mode)
  • Improved Connection and reconnection time in environments where non-DFS channels are available
  • Improved maximum reconnection distance
  • Improved frequency selection logic, improves signal robustness when interference is present on nearby frequencies
  • Improved format conversion engine: eliminated weaving artifacts when using deinterlacer; fixed the issue when video was not smooth when using format conversion
  • Restored time code operation on Bolt Pro 2000
  • Improved time code accuracy
  • Implemented better time code handling when input frame rate is not the same as output frame rate
  • Changed the way the time code is generated when the link is lost -- Record stop command is sent if link is lost for 5 seconds
  • Improved reconnection reliability when TX is turned off for a prolonged amount of time (an hour or more)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed intermittent video flickering within one minute of initial connection
  • Receiver would occasionally hang when the video format changed
  • If only DFS channels were selected on Bolt 600 or 2000 they could not reconnect

Bolt Manager 3.0.7

New Features

  • Added pairing and configuration support for First generation Bolt, Bolt Pro, and Bolt 2000
  • Added pairing instructions for second generation Bolt Pro (300, 600, and 2000)
  • Added firmware upgrade support for Bolt Pro HDMI TX/RX and Bolt Pro 2000 TX (see Bolt Manager for specific revisions)

Bug Fixes

  • Radio 2 version was read incorrectly
  • Transmitter pairing mode could not be activated if connected to a computer
  • Minor stability improvements and bug fixes

Bolt Manager 3.0.6


  • Improved reliability of radio module firmware upgrade
  • Improved reliability and significantly increases the speed of Video Processor firmware upgrade
  • Improved reliability of USB communications with the Bolt

Download the latest Firmware and Software

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