Varavon Gimbal Jib

Varavon Gimbal Jib

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The Varavon Gimbal Jib is a 4.6m long, Aluminum Jib that was designed especially for gimbal use. The Gimbal jib is compatible with the Varavon Birdycam II Gimbal.

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  • With an impressive length of 4.6m, the jib enables endless creative filming opportunities.
  • After mounting the gimbal, it provides smooth panning and tilting movements.  
  • In addition to panning and tilting, the gimbal-jib combination enables amazing vertical shots
  • You can connect the Gimbal Jib’s second arm with the plate and then mount it on a tripod.
  • After mounting the jib on a tripod, the second arm and the tripod become balanced consistent and thus provide better stabilization
  • The jib is easy to assemble or disassemble by turning the included securing knobs.
  • Attaching the included Joystick on the jib enables better and more precise control.
  • The joystick cable is as long as the jib (5m), which allows you to adjust the gimbal freely and without cable interruptions.
  • Tapped ¼” holes are included, for accessory mounting.
  • The wire tension adjustment is made by spinning the turn buckle with both hands
  • Balancing the tilt jib is made by adjusting the tension of the three wires
  • The Gimbal Jib kit includes a soft carry case with a section-divided, soft foam interior.


Additional Information

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 38.6lbs (17.5kg)
  • Jib Length: 4.6m
  • Joystick Cable Length: 5m
  • Soft Case Dimensions: 103 x 25.5 x 15cm
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