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Westcott D5 2-Light Daylight Octabox Kit

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The Westcott D5 2-Light Daylight Octabox Kit is a complete continuous daylight kit, it includes light heads, lamps, softboxes, and stands with high-quality, UL-Certified ceramic sockets. It has been CE certified for safety and features a compact and lightweight housing with 5 switches to control each lamp.

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The Westcott D5 2-Light Daylight Octabox Kit is a powerful daylight-balanced continuous light source. The Westcott D5 features 5 heat-resistant, UL-certified ceramic sockets for use with 5 compact fluorescent lamps up to 50-watts each. The D5 is housed in a durable yet lightweight nylon head and is CE certified for safety. This housing features 5 power switches that control each lamp for the ultimate in output control.

When placed out of reach, the D5 has an in-line cord switch for quick adjustments. Built on a tilter bracket, the Westcott Basics D5 is designed with a comfortable handle for effortless positioning. The D5’s tilter bracket fits on virtually all light stands and has a built-in umbrella receptacle.

This complete kit includes 2 D5 light heads, 2 custom 32” D5 octabox modifiers, 10 27-watt daylight-fluorescent lamps, and 2 durable 6’ light stands. D5 octaboxes feature a reflective silver interior for maximized output and heat-resistant rods that mount exclusively to the D5’s built-in softbox receptacles. This cost-effective 270-watt kit is perfect for portraiture and creates stunning catchlights in the eyes. With it’s compact design, this kit allows for quick setup in home studios or small spaces.


  • Complete continuous daylight kit
  • Includes light heads, lamps, softboxes, and stands
  • High-quality, UL-Certified ceramic sockets
  • CE certified for safety
  • Compact and lightweight housing
  • 5 switches control each lamp
  • Built-in D5 softbox receptacles
  • Softboxes with reflective interiors
  • Heat resistant rods and fabrics



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SKU: 482
UPC: 817967010474
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping Length: 28.70 in. / 72.90 cm
Shipping Width: 15.00 in. / 38.10 cm
Shipping Height: 14.60 in. / 37.08 cm
Shipping Weight: 18.5 lbs. / 8.4 kg
Materials: Fiberglass, Nylon

Lighting Specs

Power Type: AC
Number of Lights: 2
Socket Count: 5
Socket Base: Edison
Max Watts per Socket: 85
Lamp/Tube User Changeable: Yes
Light Type: Fluorescent
Lamp Life (Hours): 8,000+
Color Temperature: 5,600 K
Color Render Index (CRI): 85
Voltage: 110/120V (220-240V via distributors)

Light Modifiers

Interior Color: Silver
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop

Stands & Mounting

Mount Type: 5/8” Receiver
Product Manual No
Warranty CameraKings 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty