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Westcott D5 24" x 32" Lighting Softbox

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The Westcott D5 24" x 32" Lighting Softbox is for use exclusively with the Basics D5. It is a standard rectangular modifier and functions perfectly as a main or key light. It has a reflective silver interior. And contains heat-resistant fabrics. It features highly durable custom rods and includes 1-stop diffusion panel and case.

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Meet the Westcott Basics D5 series, a powerful daylight-balanced continuous light source with custom-designed modifiers. The D5 features 5 heat-resistant ceramic sockets for use with 5 daylight fluorescent lamps up to 50-watts each.

For essential control, the D5 pairs perfectly with this 24” x 32” rectangular D5 softbox from Westcott. The perfect main or key light, the Westcott D5 24" x 32" Lighting Softbox is a rectangular softbox which features a reflective silver interior for maximised output. This modifier also comes standard with 4 heat-resistant rods that mount quickly and securely to the D5’s built-in softbox receptacles. For further control over the D5’s output, the 24” x 32” modifier also includes a 1-stop diffusion panel.


  • For use exclusively with the Basics D5
  • Standard rectangular modifier
  • Perfect as main or key light
  • Reflective silver interior
  • Heat-resistant fabrics
  • Durable custom rods
  • Includes 1-stop diffusion panel and case


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SKU: 490
UPC: 817967008204
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping Length: 25.00 in. / 63.50 cm
Shipping Width: 9.50 in. / 24.13 cm
Shipping Height: 2.00 in. / 5.08 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.6 lbs. / 1.2 kg
Materials: Fiberglass, Nylon

Light Modifiers

Interior Color: Silver
Compatibility: D5 Only
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop
Product Manual No
Warranty CameraKings 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty