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Westcott uLite 2-Light Softbox Lighting Kit

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The Westcott uLite 2-Light Softbox Kit is a complete constant lighting kit with stands, lamps, and uLites. It includes 26" octagonal and 20" rectangular softboxes, compact, heat-resistant housing and is used for both photo and video productiuons.

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The Westcott uLite 2-Light Softbox Kit features one of the first collapsible softboxes designed to give you the amazing light quality of a traditional style softbox, without the tedious set up. With one simple push, your softbox takes form and locks into place. Although uLites are designed to be compact in nature, they project an extremely broad area of light coverage. A simple 2-light setup can properly light up to a 10' x 10' (3.04m) area. The included lamps offer 500-watts of continuous power and are rated for over 60 hours of use. Constant lighting is extremely easy to use as you can see exactly where the light patterns are falling (without excessive cords or remote triggers). ULites have undergone extensive testing making them both CE and CSA certified. Each uLite features a built-in tilter bracket allowing the units to be tilted in a vertical position.The included light stands are both durable and lightweight. They can be adjusted up to 6.5'.


  • Complete constant lighting kit with stands, lamps, and uLites
  • Includes 26" octagonal and 20" rectangular softboxes
  • Compact, heat-resistant housing
  • For both photo and video use


Additional Information



SKU: 404
UPC: 817967004046
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping Length: 7.00 in. / 17.78 cm
Shipping Width: 19.88 in. / 50.48 cm
Shipping Height: 36.00 in. / 91.44 cm
Shipping Weight: 18.1 lbs. / 8.2 kg
Materials: Ceramic Socket, Polycarbonate

Lighting Specs

Power Adapter: 120V AC
Power Type: AC
Number of Lights: 2
Socket Count: 1
Socket Base: Edison
Max Watts per Socket: 500-watts
Light Type: Tungsten
Lamp Life (Hours): 60+ (ea.)
Color Temperature: 3,200 K
Flicker-Free: Yes
Equivalent Watts: 1000W
Voltage: 110/120V (220-240V via distributors)


Power Cord: 12-ft. Switched
Input Voltage: 120V AC

Light Modifiers

Interior Color: Silver
Diffuser Density: 1-Stop
Maximum Watts: 500W (uLite Only)

Stands & Mounting

Mount Type: 5/8” Receiver
Product Manual No
Warranty CameraKings 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty