Wondlan Wireless Mnemonic Follow Focus

Wondlan Wireless Mnemonic Follow Focus

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Wondlan's wireless Mnemonic follow focus allows you to remotely adjust and focus your DSLR/HDV camera. This follow focus works well with DSLR rigs, sliders, rockers, Stbilizing systems, etc.

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Wondlan's Wireless Mnemonic Follow Focus, which allows the photographer to remotely adjust and focus, SLR cameras and other HDV/Film Cameras. This Follow Focus works well with DSLR rigs, sliders, rockers, Stbilizing systems, etc.

It adjusts the focus easily and precisely, meeting the remote control needs of professional cinematographers.

It can enables the control over the focus from 300m away from the camera, which makes it perfect for any filming by proxi.

This fantastic follow focus system has 4 memory buttons. They can also work in a combination.

Kit Includes:

  • Controller
  • Receptor
  • 2 - Fast-lock controllers
  • Driving motor
  • 2 - Driving gears
  • Follow focus ring
  • 2 - Batteries
  • Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • Aluminum pack


  • Wireless radio frequency, without interference
  • Easily remote shooting
  • 4 Memory buttons can be switched on and combined as needed
  • Playback knob to adjust speed
  • Infrared shutter photography key
  • Power button for controller
  • It can focus along a continuum from near to far
  • Power source display lamp
  • Two styles of infrared transmitter are available
  • Signal display lamp


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